Finally…a blog of my own!

Tiggers are wonderful things!!, originally uploaded by Adrienne2.


Hi everyone! Finally, I got a hold of the computer! Anyone reading who knows my Mama, then you know she is always hogging it!

Welcome, I am so glad you came!

I decided to call my little blog Pooh Bear’s Adventures because Mama calls me her little Pooh Bear and well… I kind of like it, and my life is definitely an adventure! Here is a picture of me in my Tigger Holloween costume, I wanted to be Pooh Bear, BUT Mama says the store was all out of Pooh Bears. I couldn’t believe it! I do look grrrreat in orange though, don’t you think? My favorite thing is when Mama or Daddy put the costume on though, I’ll have to post a really funny picture of Daddy wearing it, he cracks me up!!

Uh oh, Mama is coming, I have to go to bed now!

Bear hugs to everyone~Joshua


2 responses

  1. Awwww! My daughter wants a blog of her own as well. Maybe I’ll let her have one now.

    1. Walking in the precsnee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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