Trick or Treating

Well, my Mama and Sissy took me trick or treating, and my cousins and Aunt Choo Choo came along, and it was really fun for a while! The wagon was nice and bumpy, just the way I like it!


My cousin, Elmo, was the only one of us that liked going up to the doors though, he actually tried to get into people’s houses, that must be where they were keeping the really good candy and he knew it!

I found it all a bit strange, but I liked seeing all the strange looking kids that were out that night, I think their parents must normally keep them indoors, because I don’t remember seeing them around the neighborhood before. There were a few girls that couldn’t seem to get enough of me and Elmo, they followed us everywhere and called out to us. Our own fan club!

I got really tired after a while, and the others just wouldn’t listen to me. Finally, Mama and I had to have a serious talk…


At last, she understood…sometimes, even a Tigger, just needs a milk break!

Tigger needed a milk break!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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