Friends and fun…

Maddie hugging Joshua

Hi everyone!! This is a picture of me and one of my best-est friends, Maddie. Maddie is two, just like me, but she will be three next week. I am going to go to her birthday party next week, it’s a Dora The Explorer party, Maddie’s favorite. I think that I will probably have Mama take me to get the toy store to get Maddie some really, really cool Dora toys for her birthday. I think that is what she would really like, and maybe some paints, because when she comes over to my house to play she ALWAYS wants to paint! I think that maybe she will be an artist when she grows up! Maddie doesn’t call me Pooh Bear or Joshua, she calls me “Gosh”, I think it’s because she thinks I am so gosh darn cute!

My Sissy went to babysit some friends from church tonight, and Daddy was at work, so Mama and I had special “Mama and Pooh Bear” time together. It was great! Mama and I went to get pizza, she is nice and picks off the cheese for me so that my tummy won’t hurt, because I am lactose intolerant, but the best part of all is we also got my favorite cinnamon swirl pizza! It was sooooo yummy!! Then we played and played and played…all Mama’s favorites, like she loves it when I crawl on her head and just lay on her face, she laughs and laughs when I do that! I love to make my mama laugh, it makes me laugh too. Mama says I am a silly boy, but I think she is pretty silly herself!

I am off to bed now, I have a big day tomorrow. My Sissy is having a sleepover and I need all of my energy to entertain her and her friends!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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  1. Hi Gosh! I’m getting better at saying my “J” so, sometimes I do call you Josh, but your Daddy still calls me “MaeMae” and I don’t say that anymore!
    Glad you are coming to my party, I’m very excited. Did I tell you Dora is coming????


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