Me and my Mee Mee…

Here’s a couple of pictures of me and my Mee Mee playing on Christmas Day. She is a hoot! I l liked feeling like I was falling backwards, that feeling always makes me giggly, I guess I am a daredevil at heart!

Here are some pictures of me and my Sissy in front of our Christmas tree. Mama made us sit there forever  (she really did take about 150 pictures) trying to get the “perfect picture”, I was getting that “I gotta wiggle” feeling, so Mama let me chew on the tree garland that I grabbed up. That made it much more fun, I had been thinking those beads looked mighty tasty! And they were!

I got lots of good presents from Santa, my favorite things is an Elmo Workbench with tools, it is lots of fun! I could stand there for hours playing with it, Mama says it’s good for my legs too.

I have grown a whole three inches since Thanksgiving, so hopefully I won’t get too tall for my workbench anytime soon. I am gonna be one tall boy! My birthmom was 6’1″, so I must take after here. Soon I’ll be able to carry my Mama around I bet! Then I can call her “my little Mama” like my Sissy does, that will be funny!

Daddy tells me that I said my name in my sleep the other night!! I don’t remember it at all, but it must be true if Daddy says so! Mama is ordering me a 7 level communicator really soon, then I will be able to say all kinds of things that I haven’t been able to yet. I can’t wait! Maybe then I can get pancakes whenever I want them, instead of having to wait for Mama to think of it herself!!

I better crawl back to bed before I get caught!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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