Me and The Magster

I finally got to meet Maggie Hickey, aka The Magster, last weekend. What you don’t know her?? Gasp! She is famous in our household, a true household name! We are always saying things like “Maggie did this…” or “Maggie said that..” Check out Maggie’s blog, it is hilarious! Maggie has a “wicked” sense of humor, and has a ton of adventures! It was so awesome to meet her in person, she is a doll, a cutie patootie, and I would have loved to bring her home to be my very own built in partner in crime, but her parents are pretty attached to her too I guess. 🙂 Her mama Erin was really nice too (she kept saying how sweet I am, and what can I say, I really eat that stuff up) and her baby sister, Ella, well she looked liked a cool kid too, even though she doesn’t have any hair to pull/chew on yet. 🙂

Maggie’s Aunt and Uncle live near to us in Dallas, so even though The Magster lives in Canada we were able to meet her while they were down here in Texas for a visit. Her Aunt Karen was really cool, she introduced mama to lactose free chocolate milk, and while mama doesn’t let me have dairy, it did give her the idea to get chocolate almond milk for me! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Here are a few more photos from the visit:

I just couldn’t help myself! As you can see I could not resist touching Maggies beautiful/yummy red curls, but then again, who could? What I wouldn’t give for my mama to have curls like hers, I could chew on them all day long! and that red..ahhh…irresistable. Maggie is walking already, and is really good at it.  Mama went on and on about it so much that I have been working really hard since then to do it too! I just keep saying to myself “I think I can, I think I can…”. Mama says I am scaring her a bit with my sudden bravery, but she better get used to it because I am not stopping anytime soon! I have things to do, places to go, knick knacks to destroy!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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