One of my favorite toys!

Miracles & Milestones Track & Play Center

Mama bought me this really cool toy for my bed, and I LOVE IT! There is a really nice lady that lives in it, I love her. She says things like oooooh, ahhhhhhh, and makes a funny sound with her lips that cracks me up. She also says “Helllllo baby”. I wake up now and play and play with her. Mama says she likes that part best because she gets a few more snoozes on the alarm clock that way. I admit though, when she first came to stay in my bed, I woke up really early just to play with her, but I was happy the whole time! She just makes me feel all happy inside!

You should all see if your Mama’s or Daddy’s can get one for you, you’ll love it!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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