New news…

Joshua did get over the flu! Sorry that I have not posted an update. In fact, I waited so long to tell you all that Joshua is over the flu bug that he now has a completely different bug of some sort! He had a good week and a half of feeling great! Winter in Texas has been a real doozy this year, far different than our normal mild winter’s, and it’s causing a lot more sickness than usual.

Here are some new pics of Joshua that were taken in between these two viruses! The one on the left I call Fly Boy, and the one on the right is Joshua hanging out in his new carrier. The carrier is called an ERGO, and it’s just fabulous! I wore Joshua in it most of the day today, because he was feeling so badly and wanting to be held, and it was really, really comfortable! I think I have FINALLY found the PERFECT carrier!! It has been a long search! He loves being it too!

Here also is a picture of Joshua enjoying his new wheels!

Well…off to put Pooh Bear to bed now!


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