Me and Happy…

Happy and I are getting along pretty good, but we’d get along MUCH better IF he would STOP washing my face all day long! I don’t even like it when Mama washes my face! My first word just might have to be NO! NO Happy! Other than that, he is okay…especially whenever he lets me play with all of that long black hair of his. Now that is some good stuff to chew on! Mmm, mmm!

Here are some pictures Mama took of us a couple of days ago. Happy thinks that he should ride in the wagon with me when we go on walks, and while that’s alright for now, my plans are really to have him PULL me in the wagon not ride in it! That would be much more fun. He is a silly puppy! I do like it when he shares his puppy teething keys with me though, I can sure understand why Happy likes them so much, they are yummy to chew on!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Joshua


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