New videos of me!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A big HELLO! to all of my friends! I asked my Mama to put these videos of me on my blog so that you could all see them. I hope you like them! I have been working really hard on picking things up with my thumb and finger, Mama calls is my “pincer grasp”, and using my hammer to POUND balls! I love to bang, and bang and bang, and I would do it for hours, if Mama would just let me. One day soon, I’ll be doing it all my by myself though!

I am really liking my new puppy, Happy. He’s a pretty good dog! He’s not washing my face quite so much lately, but he does like to help keep my chin drool free. 🙂 We play outside in the front yard a lot, and lots of my friends will come and play with us too, they really like to play with me and Happy and that’s lots of fun. I think Happy will like having me around to make friends for him!

Bear hugs to all my friends!~Pooh Bear


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