Make some Christmas snow!

Need a Snow Day?

We don’t get much snow where I live, and I really don’t like to be cold…so this is this best kind of snow for a little guy like me!


Mom took this picture of me while I was doing my Listening Program. Check out my new camo bib! It’s so cool! Mama is using this one she bought as the pattern for many more. She bought lots of boyish print fabrics for me; camo, fishing, sports…I mainly wear bibs for chewing on, it gives me that constant oral input that I crave and I think I just feel more organized, when doing other things, when I have something to chew on. So don’t let anyone tell you that wearing a bib isn’t cool, and remember drool is cool, snot is not!


3 responses

  1. Hey Joshua…LOL to what you said… “drool is cool, snot is not!” Your new bibs are way to cool also! Hope you had a great Christmas! Hugs!

    1. This intfomarion is off the hizool!

  2. Grandma to Miss Emma | Reply

    Josh the bibs are simply too cool. Tell mommy I want to know where she found them and how they are to chew on. Miss Emma needs something like this to chew on and absorb her drool at the same time. 🙂

    Grandma to Miss Emma UBE3A

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