What fun!

This is my all time favorite present ever! Thanks to the Bobb family for the pinto beans, they are fantastic FUN! Even Sissy and Mama love to get in the bean pool with me. Today my cousins came over and there were three of us boys in the pool at one time!

Joshua's favorite gift mosiac

Huge hugs!~


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  1. Grandma to Miss Emma | Reply

    Hi Joshua!

    Miss Emma is envious of this pinto bean pool. Looks like I am going to have to create one for her. I am certain daddy will want me to keep it at my house, but he is in for a rude awakening there. Thank you for the kind words on my post. Its been an exciting 2008 thus far. And grandma is definately finding the seizures a bit upsetting. She is my biggest advocate next to daddy. Did I mention how beautiful of a boy you are? Your eyes capture us immediately when we view your blog and see how the lovely pictures. Enjoy your bean pool and know we are thinking of you…..

  2. Wow….your bean pool is way to much fun and I love the pictures! Someday we really have to get together and do some toy sharing!! Have fun…always remember…beans and noses don’t go together! Emma

  3. Hi Joshua!
    Oh the days! Jared remembers a LONG time ago (probably 16 years ago) when he had a pool filled with rice. Man did he have fun! And you’d be amazed at how far he could throw the rice – because that’s the best part isn’t it? Grabbing a handful and just flinging your hand in excitement? Seeing it fly through the air was pretty cool, too! He’d laugh and laugh and get more excited and throw more rice — a never ending cycle until there was more rice on the floor than in the pool, that is. 😉
    What great days those were. I see all of the beautiful pictures your mommy takes of you and you are so like Jared, it makes my heart skip a beat at how sweet you are!

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