My second chiropracter visit…

Today was my second time to see my chiropracter. He showed us the pictures of my bones that I had to sit so still for yesterday. I looked pretty weird inside! Mama says even my bones are handsome though.

The x-ray showed that I do have some misalignment that the doctor wants to work on. I will go twice a week for a while until I get things lined up better. I don’t understand it all, but if you want to read more about it go to this page and you’ll see what Dr. Waddell will be doing to me. I will let everyone know if I am feeling any better after my first couple of weeks. I hope I do!!

Daddy is feeling better already after just two times of seeing the doctor! We are all really glad about that!

Tonight are the results from my favorite show, American Idol! Anyone else like AI? I love to stand at the t.v. and watch all the singers, some of them make me laugh, some of them I think are really good. Mine and mama’s favorite is Jason Castro. I would really like to get a hold of his dreadlocks!! Maybe my sissy should think of doing that with her hair? What do you think Sissy? Hahaha!

Jason Castro

Hugs for all!~


2 responses

  1. Good morning Pooh Bear! We watch American Idol too. And Jason is our favorite. 🙂 We can all root him on together.

    Wow, your out of alignment. Grandma says she has always been off her alignment. Whatever that means? Between you and I think she means something other than her back. (Giggle-giggle)

    I love the video, thanks for sharing with us. Your going to have to tell us how you got your own signature on the blog page. Grandma says that it too cool how you sign your name.

    Lots of hugs coming from Ohio to you. xoxoxox

    1. It’s good to see someone thkining it through.

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