Pooh Bear visits the chiropracter…

So my mama and daddy took me to the chiropractor today, that was weird! He felt all over me and tickled me and I laughed and laughed. He said I was his happiest patient ever! Then mama held me in very strange positions while they took pictures of my bones. Not my favorite part, it’s really hard to be that still, but I did a fantastic job and the doctor said my pictures were beautiful.

We go back tomorrow and the doctor will tell us what he saw when he studied my pictures more closely, and what sort of weird stuff he’ll want to be doing to me. I hope it tickles!

The best part was that daddy and I both got pictures made and the doctor will be working on us at the same time. Daddy hurt his back at work, not good, but fun to do together!

I’ll let y’all know how my next visit goes!

Big hugs!~


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