Learning to say “more”…

Mama is making me work VERY hard for a cookie tonight! Watch closely and I will put my lips together and make a “M” sound. It’s takes a lot of concentration!

Note from Mama:

Joshua is doing so good making his “M” sound lately. This was a short video and he was tired. I will try to get another at speech therapy soon, he really gets on a roll there! It doesn’t make as much sense to him for mama to be making him work so hard since he KNOWS that I know exactly what he wants. He humors me sometimes though. 🙂 He is awesome!!

Remember! Drool is cool and snot is not!~


2 responses

  1. I miss you! Drop a note sometime:) You are still SO talented in your photo taking! You are still an INSPIRATION to me.

  2. Way-to-go Joshua!

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