I’m learning to “talk”!!

My Mama made this book of pictures for me to use to tell her things that I want or need. She used Mayer-Johnson’s Boardmaker pictures. So far I have learned to use 12 picture cards. Here are some pictures of my book.

This is a picture of all 12 cards I know.

This is what the front of my book looks like when I choose what it is I am wanting/needing…

If I choose eat (it actually says lunch but we call it eat) then I will pull it off and Mama helps me to put it on the sentence strip on the bottom. When I am all finished eating, I pull of the all finished card and we’ll put it next to the eat card and say aloud eat, all finished. I think this is the funny part!

I have learned all of these cards in a week.

(Note from Mama: I don’t know how or why this is all of the sudden clicking so well with Joshua, but it’s been great watching how quickly he’s picking it up now. I think it’s just a readiness. We never tried this exact system before, but something similar with pictures of his real objects. He is just “getting it” now. I chose the Mayer-Johnson pictures becuase I am really hoping to get Joshua a Dynavox V and that is the main system that it uses, so I wanted to see how he did with the pictures and start to familiarize him with them. I am so excited that he seems to connect the picture with the object or activity so quickly. Now I am trying to get him to be able to do this with Dad and Sissy and not just Mama, he seems to think this is just an activity that we do together right now.)

Well, I’ll keep everyone updatd on my picture cards. I hope Mama gives me a card for eat wipes soon! (Note from Mama: Haha! THAT will NEVER HAPPEN!) It was so fun when I swallowed the diaper wipey and the firetruck and ambulance came to visit me! (No harm was done!) Mama called it the “wipey incident”, I just know how cool those sirens and lights were!

Big bear hugs!


3 responses

  1. Can I ask how old Joshua is? My grandson recently got a dynavox. So far we haven’t had a lot of success with it, but he started a new school this week and they wanted to begin working with him on it.

    Everytime we tried different picture programs, Ethan just didn’t seem to get it. But since starting the caseine free diet a month ago, he seems to be doing great and understand and getting things. Not sure if it is the diet or coincidence. But it IS exciting. Ethan is 5 and will be 6 in July. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow….you are doing so great with the picture communication system Can’t wait til we can get together and chat it up with our Dynavoxs!! I loved the idea of your making the thank you cards for everyone who donates to the walk-a-thon. My Mom wants to know if it is okay if we do that also!

  3. Emma, of course you can make the thank you cards for your walk donors too, but make sure and take some pictures of your cards for us!

    HUGS! ~ Joshua

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