Family bowling night was a blast!!!


This was Joshua’s second time to go bowling, and he definitely knew what to do this time! As soon as I got him out of his wheelchair, he started heading towards where the balls are! He has a definite preference for pink bowling balls, which is funny, because he doesn’t show this preference for pink anywhere else.

We went out to eat before bowling and I got the BEST shot of Joshua and his Daddy, Kevin.


People watched us a lot, the way we all go up to bowl with Josh, helping him out, cheering for him. Some just smile, some say how cute he is, but there was one lady next to us just had such a question on her face. I think she thought it was cool the way we all gather round him and act as if he is the *star* of our family (which he is), but I don’t think she has seen this in action much; a family out with their child with a disability, doing normal family stuff. We are happy, we laugh, we tell Joshua how awesome and cute he is. This is our life. I hope that she remembers Joshua the next time she sees another child with a disability, and presumes to feel sorry for them, or that they are less than another child. That could not be further from the truth!


One response

  1. Such a beautiful child thanks for sharing. My name on youtube is darlindelila. Please keep the videos going it’s such a joy and makes me smile.

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