Joshua’s Angelman Syndrome Brochures!

Joshua's printed brochures! BEAUTIFUL!

Click here to see a pdf version of the full brochure.

These FABULOUS brochures were created for us by Darren Humphries, a fellow Angelman parent. Contact him at if you are interested in having a brochure made for you child. As you can see he does a fantastic job, and he’s is so easy to work with. He will send the finished brochure to you in a pdf format (a color and black and white version) and you just print it out, and as the years go by he will update for you also! Feel free to contact Darren if you have more questions for him! He has a huge heart for this work, and for helping our kids to have a voice!

I cannot wait to hand these out to people. I will be giving one to each child at church, I know they will love having these to see pictures of Joshua and to hear about the kinds of things that he enjoys doing, just like them.


4 responses

  1. Those are absolutely THE best brochures I’ve ever seen (and with such a handsome young man:-))

  2. Thanks Emma!!! I LOVE them, and am so thankful to Darren for making them so beautiful! They capture Joshua’s spirit so well!!!!

  3. We have an Angel in our family. She is six years old. I would like to have a broucher about her. I would like to know about the research and where to send donations as this will be my special project next year throughout the State of Tennessee.

  4. Kathy, please contact Darren Humphries at e-mail address if you would like to have him make a brochure for your family member with AS. Good luck on your special project! If you have any specific questions for me, I would be happy to help you out!

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