Video 4 of Adventures in the Kidwalk

This is pretty awesome! Sissy took this one at school. He is really cruising in the beginning, but then he gets stuck and totally gives up, watch his body language! Poor little guy, Caylee didn’t know it then, but he was sick, he threw up just an hour or so later. Poor Pooh Bear!

I love the way this gait trainer moves with him so fluidly! He is getting to be a speed demon in it! I LOVE it!


2 responses

  1. He is doing so great!!! I’ve never seen a gate trainer , it looks so cumbersome but it’s really nifty!! I can’t believe it. Josh must love his new freedom with it. (he’s so handsome:-)).

    Do you mind me asking how you got the gait trainer? Recommendation from physio? and whether it is something that insurance pays for (sorry I’m being so nosey – it’s just occured to me that there must be so many kids in Greece who could walk independently with something like this, but never get the chance, I feel another outraged post coming on)

  2. Aw, I’m sorry little Josh got sick but I’m glad he’s doing so well with his gait trainer.

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