Making Milestones

Family walks to boost awareness of Angelman syndrome

Couple to hold yard sale in support of their daughter

A “Long Shot” Pays Off

Angelman Syndrome Walkathon

People and Places | On a horse, they’re easy riders

A Wiki for Angelman Syndrome

Help Eliza

Lil’ Angel Gifts raises awareness on both coasts

Bone Mineral Density in Angelman Syndrome

OUR HAPPY LITTLE ANGEL (about Colin Ferrell’s son James)

Introduction to Microboards

Katy Is Going to Camp With the Ravens as Their Little Cheerleader

My quest for truth about son’s condition

Imprinting and assisted reproductive technology (pdf file)

Study Finds Laughter Is Truly Contagious

Families Raise Awareness About Angelman Syndrome

Friends, family rally for ‘smiling’ boy

Augmentative Communication News: Angelman Syndrome


NEW! Comprhensive AS Genetics Information


One response

  1. Hi,
    I’m so happy to have found your blog! My son is 8 and is also named Joshua. I am amazed by the similarity in your sons awesomeness and mine, they make the exact same sounds and have an al sot identical disposition! We’ve been looking for a specific diagnosis for a long time, though this is the first time I have ever heard if Angelman Syndrome. I plan to request a chrom test ASAP.
    Right now Josh has only being diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy otherwise unspecified.
    Thank you, please contact me!
    Santa Cruz, Ca

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