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Link to a friend’s blog…

Emma’s blog. Check out the link, it’s Joshua’s buddy, Emma. Her mom took this amazing video of her during her speech therapy session! She is doing amazing!!!! Go Emma!!!!


Video 4 of Adventures in the Kidwalk

This is pretty awesome! Sissy took this one at school. He is really cruising in the beginning, but then he gets stuck and totally gives up, watch his body language! Poor little guy, Caylee didn’t know it then, but he was sick, he threw up just an hour or so later. Poor Pooh Bear!

I love the way this gait trainer moves with him so fluidly! He is getting to be a speed demon in it! I LOVE it!

Video 3 of Adventures in the Kidwalk…

The first time out in public in the Kidwalk. Josh saw every square foot of Old Navy, a couple of times over! LOL! He LOVED it and was the most motivated he’s been in it yet!!! Definitely loved having the FREEDOM to go and see whatever HE wanted to see! Way to go Pooh Bear, mama is so PROUD of you!!!!

There aint no stopping him now!

I love this picture, and have titled it Freedom!!


This is the second video of the gait trainer series. 😉 Pooh Bear is going places!

Go Joshua!

This is Joshua’s first time in his new gait trainer, yesterday at PT. It’s called a Kidwalk and made by Prime Engineering, if you want to google them.

I’ll take more video of his first real outing soon!


horse mosaic

I loved my first day of hippotherapy! I rode Lilly, she is pretty big! I about rode the hair off that horse, yee haw!

Mama took some video also…

See y’all later!