Go Joshua!

This is Joshua’s first time in his new gait trainer, yesterday at PT. It’s called a Kidwalk and made by Prime Engineering, if you want to google them.

I’ll take more video of his first real outing soon!


Joshua’s Angelman Syndrome Brochures!

Joshua's printed brochures! BEAUTIFUL!

Click here to see a pdf version of the full brochure.

These FABULOUS brochures were created for us by Darren Humphries, a fellow Angelman parent. Contact him at Christosconcepts@xtra.co.nz if you are interested in having a brochure made for you child. As you can see he does a fantastic job, and he’s is so easy to work with. He will send the finished brochure to you in a pdf format (a color and black and white version) and you just print it out, and as the years go by he will update for you also! Feel free to contact Darren if you have more questions for him! He has a huge heart for this work, and for helping our kids to have a voice!

I cannot wait to hand these out to people. I will be giving one to each child at church, I know they will love having these to see pictures of Joshua and to hear about the kinds of things that he enjoys doing, just like them.

Family bowling night was a blast!!!


This was Joshua’s second time to go bowling, and he definitely knew what to do this time! As soon as I got him out of his wheelchair, he started heading towards where the balls are! He has a definite preference for pink bowling balls, which is funny, because he doesn’t show this preference for pink anywhere else.

We went out to eat before bowling and I got the BEST shot of Joshua and his Daddy, Kevin.


People watched us a lot, the way we all go up to bowl with Josh, helping him out, cheering for him. Some just smile, some say how cute he is, but there was one lady next to us just had such a question on her face. I think she thought it was cool the way we all gather round him and act as if he is the *star* of our family (which he is), but I don’t think she has seen this in action much; a family out with their child with a disability, doing normal family stuff. We are happy, we laugh, we tell Joshua how awesome and cute he is. This is our life. I hope that she remembers Joshua the next time she sees another child with a disability, and presumes to feel sorry for them, or that they are less than another child. That could not be further from the truth!

Joshua LOVES shaving cream!

As you can see and hear, he LOVES this! We messed up though, by giving him way too much, because we liked to hear him giggle when it came out! He ended up eating some and getting it all over his face!!! Not good! I am sure that it has gluten in it, not to mention all the other yucky chemicals in it! So, not so much next time. 😉


Joshua said hi to someone yesterday!

Joshua, Caylee and I were taking a walk yesterday. We were all enjoying the beautiful weather we have been blessed with lately. I saw a couple walking toward us, and I said to Joshua ‘Joshua, say hi the people walking’, and when they got closer to us he said ‘HAAAAAAH’ to them!!!!! It was so cool! I have not ever thought to say that to him before, and I am so glad that I did!

He was so happy also, because the couple looked at him, and smiled and said ‘hi’ back! So cool!!

Joshua never fails to surprise me!!! Way to go Pooh Bear!!!


Funny boy!!!


Joshua laughing. My favorite sight!!

Having a BLAST!!


I hope you can all see Joshua’s face in this picture, it’s awesome! (click the pic and it gets much bigger) We were so thrilled that he LOVED this ride and we didn’t traumatize him taking him down. LOL! We are going back for more today, and I’ll have lots more pictures and videos too I hope. We are ALL having a blast, but I think Josh thinks he has died and gone to HEAVEN! This is definitely his DREAM vacation.

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Joy of flying…

Joshua got a chance to go up in a small airplane a few weeks ago, through a program called Challenge Air. It’s a program for kids with special needs, if you know of or have a child with special needs, check it out, it’s free and a wonderfully fun time!! Joshua would go up every day if he could, he just loved it. Watch his face closely in the video, it’s difficult to hear his squeals of joy over the plane’s engine, but I don’t think his smile could have gotten any bigger, or his eyes! LOL! It was so awesome to be able to do this with him, Kevin and I loved seeing his reaction, and it was Dad’s first time up in a small plane so he was in heaven also. 🙂


Joshua is loving gymnastics. I am loving watching him do it! Every week, his strength and flexibility improve. His coach, Coach Denise, is FABULOUS. I love that she is so sweet, loving, encouraging, and fully expects Joshua to understand her and to JUST DO IT! It’s pretty awesome to watch them work together!

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How do you dress a sqirmy boy?


Hehehe…such a typical thing for us, we do it automatically. Just throw a leg over him and keep on going. Caylee’s expression in this just cracks me up, it’s so Caylee, and I can just hear her “I don’t think so Mr.!” and he’s thinking “Who me? I didn’t do anything!”!